Welcome to Ben Licera Images.

My love of photography began more than 40 years ago when my parents bought me a Kodak Instamatic camera for my birthday.   From the moment I took my first shot, I knew that photography would be a part of my life's journey.  Shortly after I got  my Kodak Instamatic, my parents bought me my first 35mm film camera--a Yashica Lynx 14E. Through the years, I've used and owned various cameras from Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Minolta, Bronica and Nikon. At one time, I was shooting with both Canon and Nikon. Today, I use Nikon for all my  photo shoots.

But no matter how advanced the photographic equipment is, it is up to the photographer to interpret, compose and capture that special moment. That moment could include a romantic sparkle in the eyes, a joyful smile across the lips, sweat streaming down the forehead, or tears of joy or sadness rolling down the cheeks. We all know that even today's sadness or failure can be the key to tomorrow's success, peace, and happiness. In so many ways, today is a reflection of the past just as today will help define the image of the future.

Let me capture those special moments in your life so that tomorrow you and your loved ones can look back and enjoy these fond memories.